The superpowers of the Chatmouettes

We have hit upon a list of superpowers completely useless (although not that useless actually !).

Superpowers completely useless

Superpowers completely useless

As a result, we thought each one of us could choose a superpower, so just for you, we’re going to reveal our superpowers super over top secret incognito :

  • Stoumik : I’ve got the power to control remote controls.
  • Shazen : I’ve got the power to read my own mind, but sometimes it’s not really clear though.
  • Minna : since I’m a little girl, everybody is telling me all the time “Could you go faster ?”. But, now, I know that actually I’ve just got a superpower : the power to move very slowly (super slow-mo). But I also have another power : the power to imagine things that have already been invented. By the way, my rabbit (who is also named Minna) is whispering in my ear that she also has a superpower : the power to see her own past !

And you, have you got a superpower completely useless ?

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Les Chatmouettes c’est avant tout une équipe qui a eu envie de partager leur amour des randonnées en pleine nature sur des véhicules terrestres composées de deux roues alignées entrainé par la force motrice de son conducteur. Chatmouettes, plus qu’un nom, c’est un état d’esprit : Liberté – partage – découverte.

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