Lugdulo’V : find a bike right here not far !

Sometimes we are not at home but we miss going cycling nevertheless or we are at home but we don’t have a bike. In short, it’s not because we don’t have a bike that we can’t go cycling, isn’t it ?

More and more cities offer bikes rental (Velo’V, Velib etc) and it’s quite useful. But what would be even better is knowing quickly where we can find an available bike right here not far. A software which would allow us to do that would be quite good and if it was also a multi-platform and free it would be a dream.

The dream comes true : Lugdulo’V is actually this software. It works on Linux, Mac OS, Windows and even on phones equipped with Maemo or Symbian and of course it’s free.

Interface of Lugdulo'V 0.4.0

Interface of Lugdulo'V 0.4.0

Right now, it supports more than 110 cities in France but also Switzerland, Austria, UK, USA, Canada etc … It allows you to look for stations per name, position (via GPS) or via a map.

Now you’ve got no more excuses for not going for a bicycle ride.

Lugdulo’V is developed by Corentin Chary aka Iksaif.

Lugdulo’V website :

Image from the site Lugdulo’V

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