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But this rabbit is not in metal ?

The year of the Metal Tiger comes to an end and leaves place to the year of the White Metal Rabbit on 3rd of February 2011 for our Chinese friends. Considered social, shy, refined, shrewd, perspicacious, sensible, by the Chinese zodiac, he also gets on well with the goat or pig.

For this occasion, why not plan to prepare a dish typically Chinese ?
Fortunately, the Chatmouettes have the solution : the recipe of the Chinese fondue, at least an example of a recipe, because this one goes well with all the sauces and there are a lot of them ! So, grab your apron ….

Recipe for 4 persons :

Equipment :
– a fondue appliance  / wok
– 4 small metal strainers

Ingredients :
– 300 g of beef sirloin
– 2 chicken breasts
– 200 g of streaky smoked bacon
– 8 scallops
– 100 g of prawns (shells removed)
– 1 Chinese leaf lettuce
– 100 g of bamboo shoots
– 150 g of mushrooms
– 1 chicken stock cube
– 2 L of water

Accompaniment :
– soy sauce
– sweet and sour sauce

Preparation :
– Dice the beef, chicken and slice thinly the bacon and remove the prawns shells if needed.
– Arrange the meat and scallops on a serving dish.
– Chop the lettuce, bamboo and mushrooms, and place them on another serving dish.
– Prepare the stock in the fondue appliance and bring to the boil.
– Then each person dip its strainer with the different ingredients in it for a few seconds.

And if you don’t have the soul of a cook, you can always go to the restaurant.

Enjoy your meal !

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